You Lucky Little Devil!

You've found our site for 'Wizzie' the feature length script of the Life and Adventures
of the UK's greatest comedian, Sir Norman Wisdom.
We're trying to raise the profile of our movie project, with the aim of putting this amazing adventure where it belongs - on our screens. Social Media Tag #WisdomTheMovie.

Who are we?

In 2007 Writer Kevin Powis and Producer Nigel Davey bought Sir Norman's last movie appearance to the screen via their short film Expresso. This short film features in the BBC obituary "Norman Wisdom: His Story". Initially broadcast on BBC1 this can now be seen regularly on BBC 3.


The Project

With the pair having such a connection to Sir Norman it was obvious that thoughts would eventually turn to a feature film about the great man. Work on this started in 2016 with the production of a full treatment. A first draft screen play was available by 2017. After many months of effort, the project now boasts a polished and tight screenplay ready for production.


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We want to raise the profile of this project to attract attention and to help us get this movie made. You can help us with publicity by the simple and free task of sharing this web site with your friends on Social Media #WisdomTheMovie. Together we can get this movie made.

If you like reading and want your own copy of the script, it is available on Amazon as both an eBook and a printed paperback. If you would like to own your own copy of Sir Norman's last ever screen appearance in the Expresso DVD (as see on BBC and Channel 5) order here.

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